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There are many things that you should know about the customs and traditions of Thailand before you actually visit the country to ensure that your trip is a comfortable and safe one! Here are some of the Do's & Don't that you should keep in mind.

It is good to wear body covering decent clothes when you are going to a Buddhist temple or visiting the interiors of Thailand. Exposing garments is strictly forbidden for women when they are visiting religious places.

wave The Thai mode of greeting is "wai"; a gesture that involves putting together the two palms of your hands and a small bow with a smile. If a local person greets you in this manner, do the same to him instead of shaking hands.

The Thais are very sensitive about their monarch. Don't ever utter a disrespectful word regarding the King or the Queen or you may be in trouble!

Traditional Thais do not approve of public display of affection between couples.

You must remove your footwear before you eat in a Thai house. This is also applicable to shops and restaurants in the interior of Thailand.

Do not point your feet towards the head of a Thai since they regard it as the most sacred part of their body.

Intake of drug is punishable in Thailand. So don't get into a mess!